We were present at the V Congress of Dyslexia and other AEDs

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On October 21 and 22 we were present at the V Congress of Dyslexia and other ASD, accompanying DISFAM and publishers working in the production of books that address the subject. We talked with publishers, educational psychologists and educators about the importance of making books available to all readers, without exception. Dyslexia affects 10% of the population and, many times, the characteristics of books (typeface and font size, line spacing) are not friendly for dyslexic people.  

Historically, Docuprint has provided resources for research and development of document automation software. Today we seek that, in the immediate future, dyslexia will not be a barrier to access to books, education, entertainment and culture, and we are developing tools and resources to make thousands of books accessible and thus produce them per unit, covering the need of each reader.

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