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It only took 15 years, but Amazon eReaders will finally support the ePub format. Amazon has updated its Kindle section with news that the Send to Kindle feature will convert ePub files to a format that can be opened on its eReaders. The update is scheduled for the end of 2022.

It’s a change that, at first glance, seems minor, but actually solves a persistent problem in the e-book industry. Amazon’s Kindle store is a major seller of e-books and the ePub format is the most widely used. But until now, Kindle devices could not read the ePub format. For Kindle owners who have had to manually convert their e-book library to a format more suitable for Amazon with various apps, this will be a welcome change.

But another change coming is that Kindle will eventually lose the ability to support MOBI, an old French file format that was Amazon’s proprietary e-book format for a while. Amazon acquired the Mobipocket company in 2005 and subsequently changed the name from MOBI to AZW. If you already have e-books in either format on your Kindle, you can still access them. The update only applies to new eBooks.

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